Can I Be Hypnotized?

A lot of people who are unfamiliar with hypnotherapy understandably have many questions, and wonder if hypnosis will work for them. Below are a few facts about hypnotizability that will help you better understand if you are a good candidate for hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis Suggestibility Test

The easiest and fastest test to tell if you are a good candidate for hypnosis is to answer this question: Do want to hypnotized / think you can be hypnotized? If the answer is no, then you cannot be hypnotized.

The truth is, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You cannot be hypnotized to do something you don't want to do. You are the person who decides to either accept or reject the hypnotherapeutic suggestions that are given to you. Hypnosis isn't someone else having control over you, it's you having ultimate control over yourself.

If your answer to the above question was 'yes', please feel free to click here to be taken to a quick 10 question Hypnosis Suggestibility Questionnaire that can help you further determine your hypnotizability.

6 Stages of Hypnosis

There are 6 stages of hypnosis. 1 is the lightest, and 6 is the deepest.

Almost every single person (97%) is able to reach the lighter stages of hypnosis - 1 and 2. For around 20% of people, this is as deep as they are able to go into hypnosis. Luckily, however, a hypnotic depth of stage 1 or 2 is often all that is necessary for hypnosis to be effective for the person to accept hypnotherapeutic suggestions geared toward improving health, adopting healthy habits, and stopping unhealthy habits.

80% of people are actually able to get into the deeper stages of hypnosis - 3 through 6. At these depths, hypnotherapy is especially effective at helping patients reach their goals. Because 4 out of 5 people can reach the deeper depths of hypnosis, the odds are in your favor that you are one of those people!

20% of people are hypersuggestible, and are incredibly easy to hypnotize and get into the deepest levels of hypnosis very quickly.