What is Hypnotherapy?

What Hypnosis Is:

  • Hypnosis is a altered state of consciousness in which the subconscious level of the mind is in a state of hypersuggestibility. During this time, a hypnotherapist provides you with positive hypnotherapeutic suggestions that are intended to improve your health, habits, and life.

  • During hypnosis, your brain goes into deeper alpha and theta brain waves frequencies. It is within these frequencies of brain wave activity that old recorded behaviors can be overwritten with new behaviors. Your brain is also in alpha and theta states in the time period right before you fall asleep, and right before you wake up.

  • Hypnosis is a normal state of consciousness in humans. In fact, you probably go in and out of a hypnotic state multiple times throughout the day, without even realizing it.

  • There is a powerful mind-body connection. Physical things that happen within your body have a significant impact on your mind. And mental and emotional things that happen within your mind have a significant impact on your physical body. Hypnotherapy allows us to use that powerful mind-body connection to positively impact your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

  • Hypnotherapy is evidence based, and backed by science. It is utilized all over the world, and hypnotherapy services are offered by many large, prominent healthcare organizations to their patients.

What Hypnosis Is Not:

  • Hypnosis is not loss of control, or being controlled by someone else. In fact, it is quite the opposite. All hypnosis is self hypnosis. The person being hypnotized ultimately decides which hypnotherapeutic suggestions to accept and incorporate into their subconscious mind and life. It is actually more like an ultimate display of self control.

  • You cannot be forced to do something you do not want to do while in a state of hypnosis. Any hypnotic suggestions given that go against your will, morals, or beliefs will be rejected by your mind.

  • Hypnosis is not a state of sleep. You are awake and aware throughout the entire hypnotherapy session, and will remember what happens and what is said during the session. Hypnosis is actually a state of increased focus and attention.

  • Hypnosis is not magic, and will not result in miracles. However, your mind is incredibly powerful, and your perception is your reality - so it can have some very impressive physical and mental results.

What Hypnosis Feels Like:

Everyone experiences hypnosis in a different, unique way. However, there are some common themes:

  • You will feel very calm, relaxed, serene, comfortable, and have an inner sense of peace.

  • Your body may feel very heavy, or very light (almost like you are floating), or tingly/numb, or very far away (like your mind and body are separate).

  • Time may distort, and it could feel like your hypnotic session was much longer or much shorter than it actually was.

  • The pleasant imagery used during the hypnosis may feel very realistic. As an example, if during your hypnosis, your hypnotherapist takes you through a relaxing beach scene, you may have intense feelings like you really are at the beach. You may see the sun, sky, and ocean; hear the waves crashing on the shore and the wind blowing through the palm trees; feel the sand beneath your feet and warm sunlight touching your skin; and smell and taste the salt in the air.